Wordworks - another step forward

Wordworks - another step forward

Three trainers from Wordworks HQ in Cape Town came to Bonnievale to lead a 3 day course in a new programme - to be introduced next year. See gallery for more details!...
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Graduation day

Graduation day

Mac Kuhn, one of our stalwart workers on the Wordworks programme, was the first person to complete the Training the Trainers course and was presented with a certificate at the graduation day ceremony in Cape Town. More ...
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Gordon Knight
Name: Gordon Knight
Membership: Member: PH Fellow; PP Wynberg RC
Profession: Security consultant
Interests: Exploring gravel back roads, travelling, reading
Graduation day!

Graduation day!

PRIDE FOR THE LANGEBERG WORDWORKS TEAM- A FIRST IN THE WHOLE OF THE WESTERN CAPE! On saturday November 2nd (yes- the day of The Match!), Wordwo...
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Keith Poole Name: Keith Poole
Membership: President 2019-20: Paul Harris Fellow 1987, Sapphire 2017
Profession: Retired Chemical Engineer
Email: k-mpoole@lando.co.za
Interests: vintage car restoration, birding, philately, bridge
Cas Groot Name: Cas Groot
Membership: President 2017-19
Profession: Tourism Guide
Email: leo@worldonline.co.za
Interests: Old cars, Philately, History in general
Willem Scott Name: Willem Scott
Membership: Honorary Member, Past President, Paul Harris Fellow 2012
Profession: Environmental Consultant
Email: wescott@iafrica.com
Interests: Music (pre 1830 - post 1973), Bridge, Puzzles
Jennifer A Kennedy Name: Jennifer A Kennedy
Membership: Club Treasurer
Profession: Book-keeping
Email: jennyk7@outlook.com
Interests: Gardening, Tennis, Outdoors, Reading
Ronel Preston Name: Ronel Preston
Membership: Lifetime Honorary Member (Past President; Paul Harris Fellow)
Profession: Semi-retired, Artist
Email: ronel@montagu.org.za
Interests: Art, Music, Bridge (Golf, Tennis); photography (including Rotary events)
David Hall Name: David Hall
Membership: Member: Wordworks and REAP Convenor, Paul Harris Fellow
Profession: (Semi-retired) Paediatrician and also Honorary Professor of Paediatrics (University of Cape Town
Email: d.hall@sheffield.ac.uk
Interests: family; good food; books; music; travel; horses and cats.
Gert Lubbe Name: Gert Lubbe
Membership: Honorary Member
Profession: Hotelier
Email: wild@montagucountryhotel.co.za
Interests: Gardening, Interior Decorating, Architecture
Susan Hall Name: Susan Hall
Membership: Ordinary Member, Paul Harris Fellow
Profession: (Semi Retired), Medical - Epidemiology
Email: s.hall@sheffield.ac.uk
Interests: family; good food; books; music; travel; horses and cats.
Marianne Richter Name: Marianne Richter
Membership: Associate Member
Profession: Primary Education
Email: marianne@rotarybreederiver.co.za
Interests: Adult Literacy, Educational Projects
Christopher Powell Name: Christopher Powell
Membership: Ordinary Member; Paul Harris Fellow: Food Security Projects
Profession: Semi retired landscape and garden designer
Email: chrisandjanepowell@telkomsa.net
Interests: Design in general, gardens in particular; horticulture; wine especially from the Breede River Winelands area; good food and good company
Christa Hall-Sanford Ph.D. Name: Christa Hall-Sanford Ph.D.
Membership: Member
Profession: Retired Hypnotherapist
Email: christa@rosecottagemontagu.co.za
Interests: Travel
Heidi Van Der Merwe Name: Heidi Van Der Merwe
Membership: Honorary Member, (Paul Harris Fellow, 2011)
Profession: Guesthouses, Tourguide in Namibia
Email: welcome@merwenstein.co.za
Interests: Travelling, Languages, Birds, Crafts
Wilma Weinard Name: Wilma Weinard
Membership: Honorary Membership
Profession: Retired - Aviation Industry
Email: wilma.weinard@hotmail.de
Interests: Diving, Cycling, Hiking, Voluntary Work
Eve Layton Name: Eve Layton
Membership: Associate Member
Profession: Social Worker
Email: eve.layton@gmail.com
Interests: Hospice, volunteering at farm schools
Yvette Hanekom Name: Yvette Hanekom
Membership: Associate Member
Profession: Teacher
Email: yvethan@gmail.com
Interests: Diving, Reading, Hiking and Travelling
Polly Haas Name: Polly Haas
Membership: Ordinary Membership
Profession: Retired
Email: pollyhaas@web.de
Interests: photography
Gordon Knight Name: Gordon Knight
Membership: Member: PH Fellow; PP Wynberg RC
Profession: Security consultant
Interests: Exploring gravel back roads, travelling, reading
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