Wordworks - another step forward

Wordworks - another step forward

Three trainers from Wordworks HQ in Cape Town came to Bonnievale to lead a 3 day course in a new programme - to be introduced next year. See gallery for more details!...
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Memorial plaque

Memorial plaque

On October 1st the club held its meeting at the Bonniepeople Project in Bonnievale. The opportunity was taken by President Keith to present the Project Manager, Sue-Allen Brandt, with a plaque to commemorate Tim Harker, ...
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Gordon Knight
Name: Gordon Knight
Membership: Member: PH Fellow; PP Wynberg RC
Profession: Security consultant
Interests: Exploring gravel back roads, travelling, reading
New programme for Wordworks

New programme for Wordworks

EXCITING NEW PHASE FOR LANGEBERG WORDWORKS PROJECT In September an exciting new development was launched in this project, which has now been running for nearly 6 yea...
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appreciation evening

(Notes by Yvette Hanekom). The Appreciations evening was held on the 29th of November at the Chris van Zyl Hall in Bonnievale. The Hall was decorated by the Kapteintjies (Augusta's teachers) and with the help of Lammeroes (Mac's teachers). The Venue looked stunning. About 90 attended the evening.
Seven of our ECDs involved in the Wordworks Program attended the function.
It was a very entertaining evening with Augusta leading the proceedings. The talents of the teacher were displayed - one of the teachers sang, and Sue - Allen and 2 other teachers danced.
Augusta thanked Rotary for all the financial support for the Wordworks Program and also for providing food, presents.
Mrs Pekeur, the principal of Warmbron, shared the difficulty they had with DSD and the big financial difficulties they had to contend with. She encouraged the other teachers and gave them ideas how to generate funds for their schools. She reminded them that they are doing this for the children and will get through this tough time.
The Appreciation certificates were handed out to the ECD educators and they had to say how many years they have been an ECD teacher. The cooks, gardeners and bus drivers also received certificates from each ECD.
I had an opportunity to talk about Wordworks and Rotary's involvement. The presents for the teachers who completed the program were handed out. I also thanked them for all there hard work and also our Trainers for their fabulous work. The Wordworks certificates will be handed out later, when they do the refresher course.
The platters of food were placed on tables and it was delicious ! There was a lot of dancing at the end of the formal program.
Photos by Yvette Hanekom and Wordworks trainers
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